Cypress Care

Our Solutions

Cypress Care’s pharmacy and specialty healthcare services programs deliver solutions that address medical expenditures management, unit cost reduction, expedited access to care, improvements to length of medical disability and reduction of administrative burdens.

With over 67,000 pharmacy locations in our network, Cypress Care’s pharmacy benefit management program is designed to be simple and convenient for the claimant and the payer. Cypress Care conducts rigorous mail and letter campaigns to convert claimants into our network to ensure customers are not spending more than they should. We consistently achieve over 95% penetration, measured by the percentage of claimants using our retail pharmacy program, which results in a direct and significant reduction in pharmacy expenses.

Our specialty networks provide specialty healthcare services to claimants in need of durable medical equipment and supplies, home healthcare, diagnostic imaging, physical medicine, modifications, transportation and language services. From catastrophic care coordination to home-based delivery, Cypress Care prospectively coordinates services and expedites access across the entire continuum of care while simplifying the administrative process.