Cypress Care

Technological Strength

Cypress Care believes that the workers’ compensation and auto casualty markets need systems and operations infrastructure that utilize current technologies to simplify the service delivery process. The enterprise architecture of Cypress Care was designed with the unique needs of its customers in mind and we continue to invest in the development of flexible and customizable systems based on customer specifications. Our systems provide maximum reliability, efficiency and ease of use by customers and internal stakeholders.

Benefits of Cypress Care's Technology:

  • Open architecture and process automation allows for uncomplicated integration with customer systems.
  • Systems hosted in SAS 70 type-II facilities and maintained by personnel who adhere to active process and control management procedures.
  • Easy to navigate software provides 24-hour real-time access to secure program data and quick access to program reporting and metrics.
  • Systems architected for scalability to accommodate enhancements and program expansion.
  • Data warehouses and cubes support data mining and outcomes reporting.
  • Secure transmission and encrypted emails support HIPAA specifications and ensure that protected health information (PHI) remains secure.

The Cypress Care enterprise architecture provides a robust yet flexible framework to build and support business-specific tools and applications for our customers and partners. Whether the need is real-time soap interfaces or asynchronous batch integration, the Cypress Care enterprise framework provides the necessary components for all enterprise applications.

Customer Applications

Sequoia™ Pharmacy and Specialty Healthcare Services Management Tool

Through a very simple and easy to use interface, Sequoia™, our proprietary software for managing pharmacy and specialty healthcare services, provides users varying degrees of data access dependant on their specific security level. The application empowers customers with 24-hour access to real-time patient and claim-related information which they can modify. This saves significant time and allows our customers to more efficiently participate in the management of their program.

CARE™ Customer Analysis and Reporting Engine

CARE™ is an enterprise reporting and management tool that produces critical business, trend and clinical reports with a few simple clicks of a mouse. The online reporting application empowers users with real-time data and summary reports that enable decision-makers to quickly monitor and manage their program. CARE™ assists claim professionals in identifying care management and program improvement opportunities that are most critical to the overall success of the program.

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