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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you send claims?

All claims should be sent to:
Cypress Care
Accounts Payable Dept.
P.O. Box 2829
Suwanee, GA 30024

2. How do we check claim status?

Cypress Care will only provide claim status for claims that are over 60 days old from the date the claim was filed in our office. To check the status of a claim, please submit your request in writing by faxing it to 800.419.7194 or by clicking the “Claim Inquiry” button in the “Provider Resources” section of the Cypress Care website.

3. What is our payment cycle?

Payments shall be remitted within 60 days from the date their claim is received into our office, unless otherwise specified in your individual provider agreement.

4. Is there a bill review process?

There is no retrospective bill review since the authorization is provided through Cypress Care.

5. What services do you offer?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Supplies, Home Healthcare, Diagnostic Imaging, Home, Vehicle and Workplace Modifications, Physical Medicine, Transportation and Language

6. What is the authorization process?

Providers that refer cases to Cypress Care do not need to obtain the authorization from the insurance company. Cypress Care agents will contact the adjuster, nurse case manager, or utilization review to obtain the applicable authorization.

7. Where do we fax correspondence?

Any and all correspondence should be sent to 800.419.7194.

8. How long after service has been rendered should we to submit claims?

All claims should be submitted within 30 days from the date of service.

9. How do you file a complaints, grievances, and/or appeals?

By selecting the “Appeals” button in the “Provider Resources” section of the Cypress Care website, or in writing via fax to 800.419.7194.

10. Can we submit referrals online?

Yes, referrals may be submitted online by selecting the “Customer Resources” section of the Cypress Care website and then clicking “Specialty Services Referral”.

11. How do I receive referrals?

Referrals are delegated based on the geographic location of the claimant utilizing the highest quality, least costly and most efficient delivery method.

12. What is your credentialing process and how long does it take?

The credentialing process varies depending upon the services that you provide. For a more complete explanation please click on “View Provider Manual” under the “Quick Links” in the “Provider Resources” section of the Cypress Care website.
The credentialing process can take anywhere from 30-90 days.


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