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An appeal is necessary when a payment on any one date of service and/or current procedural terminology (CPT) code has been short paid, denied or on the explanation of payment.

If you are billing more than one date of service on any single claim and you have not received a denial, and one or more of the dates of service on the claim have been paid, please fax your claim with a cover sheet in which states Partial Payment Appeal and fax or email it to the attention of the Resolution Department at 800.419.7194 or

Appeals must include the dates of service and CPT codes that have been under paid.

A/R statements showing charges and invoices, or itemized claims will be not accepted and a formal denial of payment will be sent in return.

All documentation listed below will be required with appeal submission, if any piece of necessary information is missing, a formal denial of the appeal will be sent back to you.

  1. Copy of original claim
  2. Copy of Cypress Care’s authorization (optional)
  3. Proof of timely filing (This only applies to payments denied for timely filing)
  4. A certified mail receipt or Fed Ex, UPS tracking receipts. All others will be considered with significant proof. Cypress Care cannot be held liable for the USPS or fax machine inaccuracies or malfunctions.

Please complete the online form and attach the required documentation
email the PDF form and the required documentation to

Please Note: Review the timely filing of your appeals per your contract prior to submitting the appeal, as this can also result in denial.

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